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Workplace Harassment – 8 Smart Steps to Deal with Hostile Work Environment

No woman can deny the existence of workplace harassment and bullying as one of the eminent social demerits of our society. Women are the most vulnerable targets of the learned crooks. The hostile work environment is a function of several performance parameters that contribute in encouraging these offenders. The activities falling that can be termed as the activities of harassment may include the discussion of sexual activities, needless touching, telling off-color jokes, display of inappropriate pictures, communication in crude language and the demonstration of indecent gestures. If you have ever observed any of these, your office is certainly intoxicated by the dilemma of sexual harassment. Here is a set of actions that can be used to alleviate such events.

1.Keep a Record of Workplace Harassment:

Workplace Harassment

The very first step that is needed to be done in this context is to note down the name of the tormentors and the method of harassment adopted by them. Moreover, the minor details of the events like the location, date, time and the name of the victim has to be written down. One must gather as much information as possible. It is imperative to document all the events for submitting the issue in a presentable form to the legal teams. Another way of recording the events is to write the journal. Writing down the feelings of being disturbed also helps to evade the frustration.

2.Enlist Witnesses:

Workplace Harassment

It is always better to consult the co-workers who might also be suffering from the same conditions. There are two major advantages of enlisting and consulting them. First, a sense of collaboration at the workplace is developed that helps to deal with the unpromising events. Second, the reference to credible employees in the report makes a stronger case in front of the superiors. This makes the case stronger. Partnering with other fellows facing the same issues also suppresses the feeling of disgust and disturbance.

3.Have your Say:

Workplace Harassment

Most of the people might be reluctant to do that but, I feel it results well if you simply tell the offending and bothering person that his or her behavior is unacceptable. It is possible that certain disgusting statements or inappropriate actions might be ‘normal’ for the ‘offender’ with no intention of teasing of committing any act of workplace harassment. The person might feel ashamed and become scared of legal actions against and stop doing so.

4.Hang On and Hit the Nail When Red:

Workplace Harassment

Abstain from rising on the occasion. Make it sure that ample evidence has been collected and you are calm. A complaint done in a fit of emotional chaos might not be taken seriously. The bosses might feel you be overreacting to the normal events. One must make sure that the bosses are not under the stress and are not dealing with a bigger problem prior to the complaint. It is better to inform one of the trusted colleagues before doing so. The reliable fellow can help suggesting the best time of complaining.

5.Using the Firm Resources:

Workplace Harassment employee assistance program (EAP

We are talking about the resources like the employee assistance program (EAP), harassment advisor or any individual that is supposed to be the concerned in such cases. The other option is to approach the most effective HR representative. Now these concerned parties must be presented the documented evidence along with the list of witnesses against the offenders. I’d recommend having a practice about you are up to. One must keep the complaint complete, concise and clear. There is no need to suggest them the plan of action or asking them to suspend or fire the offender. Present your case strongly and put a great focus on the frustration, and depression. The more you present the extent to which you are disturbed, stronger will be the case.

6.Complaining is Not Enough:

Workplace Harassment Complaint

A complaint without a follow up is the wastage of time and energy. Observe if there is any change in the behavior of the offender or if the representatives have taken the appropriate actions. In case, no promising results are generated, the remedy is to approach the higher personnel with more authoritative powers. Once again, don’t suggest but, prepare a plan-B to present in the case, the person asks for the solution. The variety of alternative can be helpful for them.

7.The Legal Action:

Workplace Harassment

There is a possibility for every action to go in vain. But, leaving a job is not an option. One can consult an active lawyer and go for some legal actions against the person. The same documentation and the list of witnesses become very handy in such scenario.

8.Learn to settle:

Workplace Harassment relax

While suffering from a trauma and mental disturbance caused by the workplace harassment, our body must be told to get relaxed. There can be different ways of catharsis for different people like keeping a joy journal, listen to some music or anything that can tranquil one’s soul.

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