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6 Reasons You might have Symptoms of Anxiety Disorder

It is never easy to identify the symptoms of anxiety disorder but it is more than normal to get nervous. It may happen while speaking to the audience, before performing on the stage and going through some emotional difficulties. The line between the anxiety and the anxiety disorder is quite blurred when it comes in different forms like social anxiety, emotional fits, and different types of phobias. We have worked out a list of some of these symptoms which if occur frequently, you are recommended to consult an expert like a doctor of a psychiatrist.

Extreme Distress is Among Symptoms of Anxiety Disorder:

symptoms of anxiety disorder

We must have observed people who start getting depressed even on minute issues of one’s concern. These people are over-sensitive in nature. The Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) involves such feelings. In such conditions, even least anxious thoughts are presumed like the masses of problems. Having persistent thoughts of distress in most of the part of the day for more than a month poses some substantial perils of being affected by GAD. This state of mind causes a continuous suffering and the dysfunction of routine.

Irrational Fears:

symptoms of anxiety disorder

Many times anxiety is understood by associating it to the particular scenario or situation. For example, one may feel the anxiety while flying, watching a particular animal, fear of crowd etc. Now if the fear of a person surpasses the legitimate threshold of fear, the person might be suffering from the anxiety disorder. One of the recognizable symptoms of the anxiety disorder includes a person being overwhelmed far more than the proportion of actual danger. For example, a person may start behaving unnatural and stupid watching a dog or the number 13.

Sleeping Issues:


The struggle of falling and staying sleep can be attributed to a diverse range of physical, mental or psychological disorders. It is quite normal that a person finds it hard to sleep the night before one’s wedding, interview, or any upcoming big event. It is the performance pressure that often keeps us awake. But, these are quite natural conditions that happen with everyone. On the other hand, if a person consistently confronts this condition, the condition can be attributed to one of the Symptoms of Anxiety Disorder.

Consistent Indigestion:

symptoms of anxiety disorder

Considering anxiety disorder to be just a matter of mind and psyche of a person is a mistake. The physical conditions of the victim can’t be overlooked here. A person suffering from the chronic digestive problem may feel, constipations, cramping and bloating. This is termed as the Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). The condition is not necessarily attributed to the anxiety but, if the condition turns out to be a consistent problem can be an anxiety of the digestive tract. This causes the social discomfort and the problem in a number of daily matters which maker victim more anxious about the stuff.

Consistent Condition of Self-Doubt:

symptoms of anxiety disorder

The symptoms of anxiety disorder can also be gauged through the persistent condition of self-doubt and guessing about the matters. The lack of self-confidence causes a person to become anxious while presenting before the people. These questions can be like “What if I forget the speech?”, “What if I am homosexual?”, “Do I really want to be an engineer?” or “Do I believe in God?” These persistent feelings of not being sure about the personal fact lead to the anxiety disorder and must be taken seriously.

Compulsive Behavior:

symptoms of anxiety disorder

In this condition, the actions of the person are controlled by the intrusive thoughts and the compulsive behavior the person can help committing. For example, a person may not resist cleaning the already cleaned surfaces, straitening the items, frequent hand washing for no reasons etc. The compulsive behavior can be mental as well like one may keep on telling himself that everything will become better over and over again. Also, a person might be suffering from such disorder if the person panics for anything happening against the self-developed standard. For instance, if a person likes to have a half cup of tea every day might lose temper when served with a slightly different quantity or manner.

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