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Rekindle Romance – The Art of Re-Winning Your Husband

Reviving men’s love in surely not an easy job but, there are a number of ways that can prove to be effective to rekindle romance of yours. Marriage requires falling in love a number of time but, always with the same man. The true use of feminine tricks and wiles with a dazzling personality is required to grasp the attention of men. Your husband needs your attention more than anything on the planet. Here are some easy tricks to force your hubby fall in love with again.

rekindle romance of yours

Tips to Rekindle Romance:

  • Always ask your husband to flex his muscles whenever he gets back from work.
  • Make his favorite desert.
  • Ask for his opinion in matters.
  • Tell him that he is still attractive and sexier than any man on the planet.
  • Play his favorite music at home on weekends.
  • Encourage him to hang out with friends.
  • Try sending him the love notes in the lunch box with a lipstick mark.
  • Always ask if he has taken the meal at office.
  • Offer a scalp massage while sleeping.
  • Wake him up with a morning kiss.
  • Appreciate his goals and avoid his mistakes.
  • Say thanks for very little things.
  • Dress up like young even if there is no plan of going out.
  • Plan a long vacation for the coming summer.
  • Appreciate the way he dresses and the way he smells.
  • Ask his help in little problems you think he can sort out.
  • Don’t be reluctant to initiate love as it will rekindle romance at a faster pace.
  • Watch his favorite game with him on the television.

We often focus on the small fly stuck on the glass and overlook the beautiful landscape outside the window. In order to rekindle romance for a jeopardized relationship, one has to respect the differences and develop some room for affection. You can never make him fall in love if you are not intended to fall in love with him again.

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