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6 Surprising Benefits of Reading

One of the most effective ways for gauging the mental caliber of a person is to analyze the type of books on the his shelve. But, if you don’t have one, we have a very bad news for you. Try remembering the last time you read something except the tweets and the Facebook statuses. Now if you are among the countless people, who haven’t read a single book in their entire life, you have missed all those benefits that we are about to state.

benefits of reading

Proven Benefits of Reading Backed By Science:

The following benefits of reading can be challenged as they are proven through different research in the field of social sciences and psychology. Let us analyze few major benefits of reading as some effective tools of self-help.

1. Stress Reduction:

Although there are a number of ways to deal with the stress and depression on one’s mind, books are the most economical medium to serene one’s worries. A motivational story often provides new dimensions for life. The distraction of some minute and the imagination that runs in the mind of reader detaches him from rest of the real world. A well-chosen book or article helps to let the worries drain away. Just give it a try.

2. Improvement in Memory:

Selective eating and reading help to augment the memory and the analytical skills of the reader. Whenever we read a book, we have to remember the characters with their names and their relationship to the protagonist and the running story. Apparently, it seems difficult but human brain is capable enough to remember all these things with a considerable ease. Reading helps improving one’s ease to memorize the things easily.

3. Increasing Temperament:

Reading requires time and consistency. One of the most accepted benefits of reading includes the increased level of one’s focus. Normally a standard size of the page is read in between 5 to 6 minutes. There are a number of distractions serving to drive the attention but, book keeps the eyes of the reader focused on the lines. The interesting content often grasps the attention and keeps the head from moving. In this way, reading discourages the multitasking which consumes a lot of time.

4. Stimulating the Creativity:

A good writer has to be a good reader and the converse in also true. One always has to be creative to convert an idea into the text, a text into a script and script into a visual movie. The books play with the mind of the reader. The books provide the challenging scenarios that readers often have to interpret through their imagination. Transforming the text into the visualization of images is a great exercise. Readers are often creative in approaches and unique in their traits. Thus, one can infer from these fact that book reading is a personal development tool.

5. Health Improvement:

This is certainly among the unexplored benefits of reading. Surprisingly, book reading helps unwinding and get relaxed at night. One can help avoiding insomnia and many other sleeping disorders. Solely the sleeping disorder causes a number of psychological issues causing several effects on one’s physical health. This mental exercise of a few minute prior to the sleeping boosts the power and encourages the mind to get a sound sleep.

6. Improving the Social Life:

Many times only one quotation is enough to change one’s life. What can be more motivational and inspiring than the verses of Holy Scriptures? We learn many social norms and aspects in different cultures. We often see that the origin of knowledge comes out of extremely simple events and solution of confusing paradox is found in simple lines. Research has shown that the book readers are often more social than the other. They possess the knack of facing the situations and work out the workable solutions to the confronted problems.

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