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Print Book vs. eBook – 12 Reasons Why Printed Books are Still Better

There are a number of scientifically proven advantages for reading books. But, the debate of Print book versus digital reading has got much distinction in recent years. Both the schools of thought come up with strong arguments counter to each other. EBooks have demonstrated several advantages over print book reading in recent years but still the significance and the effectiveness of paper books seems to be exemplary. Masses of arguments can be presented for the encouraging the reader to go for print book and keep away from the ‘screen culture’.

Print Book vs. eBook

Advantages of paper books:

The strongest argument so far in favor of paper books is about its impact on the economy. Choosing the paper or screen culture is not just about comforting oneself but the issue has collective effect on the population if seen from a macro level. Forests play a vital role is the economy of the country out of which the paper and pulp industry have got a substantial significance. Thus the rejection of print book by affecting the timber business would definitely effect in monitory terms. Imagining a world without paper books means, there will be no book shops and no libraries. The earnings of thousands of people are concerned and interlinked with such book shops and libraries including printing presses, the publishers, shopkeepers, librarians and so on. Thus these steps leading to the rejection of paper books would lead to a cultural disaster.

1. No Retirement:

Now having a look on the issue at a micro or personal level reveals several more astonishing advantages. A print book never gets retired. It always has resale value unlike eBooks. One can easily sale an old book that is of no use for a person. Moreover a person with limited resources can buy this old book at a reasonable and affordable price. In this way the resale of the print book not only generates the trends of a new market of old book but also accommodates the poor student with inadequate resources.

2. Ease of Editing:

A print book is easily makeable unlike e-book. One may easily write the personal header and foot notes in order to get the better understanding. One thing that is needed to be clarified here is that not all the eBooks are editable. Many of them come out with a ‘read only’ format.

3. Lower Chances of Copyrights:

The probability of copyrights violation is very less in paper books as compared to eBooks that are easily uploaded and downloaded from anywhere without any prior question from the publisher. Making the photocopy of the paper books is quite expensive ways of violating the copyright rules, so the chance of copyrights violation is minimized in the case.

4. Encouragement and Endorsement:

Book signing is always been a tradition in our society. A book signed by the writer or any other celebrity worth more than that of others. This act not only creates the chances of better earning but also encourages the buyer. Many of such books are sold in auctions to gather the money for noble causes. Such feasibility cannot be seen in the eBooks. Who would buy an e-book signed by any celebrity? Obviously, no one would think of that.

5. Feeling of Ownership:

One can own a book if using the paper books. Purchasing a book encourages the reader to read it since the reader has spent money on it. The reader thinks to get most of the advantage from the book that has affected him in monitory terms. The eBooks never tend to instinct such a sense or curiosity to read a book that is copied or downloaded from some source for free.

6. An Attractive Gift:

A print book is one of the best gifts that a man can give to other. The price of the print book demonstrates it’s worth here unlike eBooks. An idea of emailing an eBook to a close fellow as a birthday gift will be an extremely stupid idea. The sense of having a wrapped book is far more superior and attractive than having a new email message in the inbox. Moreover the book is itself sometimes termed as a ‘friend’. Imagine how someone can copy his ‘friend’ in to flash drive of email to a friend.

7. Easily Watchable:

Another advantage of print book is that it can be seen by everyone around in the library, in the home or on a bus. Thus nobody could think of the reader to be holding something suspicious, sensitive or adult rated. The problem with the eBook is that it keeps the parents away from that significant check and balance about the text to which their children are referring to.

8. A Friend Forever:

Paper books are not easy to get rid of. They have a longer life. Although their quality is affected by the climate and the time but one really have to carry them and throw in the river or burn them to the dust to get rid of from them. Thus cannot be vanished by minor mistakes.

9. Adaptive Medium:

The error or mistake in one print book in diminished in the very next edition of the book. The continuously copying of eBooks from one system to another promotes the recurring errors. The chance of the mistakes to be revised is minimized in this case. This practice contaminates the knowledge with inappropriate results.

10. Economical:

No uneconomical devices are needed to use paper books other than a simple lamp or day light unlike eBooks. The argument against paper books to be an inexpensive solution doesn’t matter in this case. Many countries in the world like India have the most economical and the cheapest paper of the world. Thus not buying a print book just because of it expensiveness is no more an argument now.

11. Not attractive for Thieves:

There is no threat of a print book for being stolen at the beach while swimming. Since they are much more economical than the electronic gadgets like e-Readers, tablets and laptops, the loss of a print book in such cases will not be a big deal. They will not affect the owner mentally or in monitory terms either.

12. That Feeling of Paper:

The most important argument that can be placed above all the mentioned arguments is that it increases the concentration of the reader. The positive psychological effect of the paper is far more than that of an eBook. A book lover cannot be satisfied by keeping hundreds of books in his pocket. The comforting smell of the paper and the feeling of the weight of the book are the catalytic factors that cannot be avoided for being a proactive reader. A concentrated book shelve in a house is more motivating than a several hundred GB flash drive placed on the table for the children. The print book is a medium that involves a physical touch engaging several senses of a human body. The paper books in this ways intend to develop and create a glint or curiosity within the minds of the learners especially students in the house.

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