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6 Easy Techniques for Memory Improvement

Have your every opened your fridge and forgot what you were looking for ? Don’t we struggle to remember the names of the neighbor’s kid ? Surely, we do. All these moments are often embracing. Nobody ever wants to be the guy from Christopher Nolan’s Memento. Luckily, there are a number of effective ways for memory improvement.

Many of such brain exercises and techniques show impressive results for the incredibly smart animals like dolphins and elephants. Following are some of these simple and economical methods.

Memory improvement through happy stomach:

Memory Improvement Apple

The human brain can never function properly without essential chemical compounds and nutrients. Anthocyanins is an extremely effective brain-boosting antioxidant. The major sources of anthocyanins are grapes, blueberries, blackberries, and avocado.There are a number of health benefits of anthocyanins like cancer prevention, relief from allergy, improve eyesight, weight loss, ulcer improvement, reduction of diabetes and most importantly better cognitive functioning. Sunflower seeds containing vitamin-E that is an essential vitamin that works as the brain food. It can be sprinkled on the salad.Fish is also a very effective food that contains omega-3 fatty acids. Luckily, all of the mentioned items are equally delicious and effective for memory improvement that results in happy stomach happy and healthy brain.

Let’s listen to some JAZZ:

Jazz Memory Improvement

That word surely reminds about the eye-catching parties of the Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. Yes!! We are talking about the same JAZZ music. Not all but a certain type of music helps in memory improvement. It helps to recall the memory. The information that is learned while listening to a specific song can be recalled by playing that song mentally. Music often serves as the bait and hook for pulling back the prey from one’s subconscious. Dr. William R.Klemm, a famous psychologist explicitly argued that listening jazz music improved his memory and several types of research in Finland have also pointed towards the same fact.

Committing something “not ordinary”:

Unordinary Memory Improvement

New experience always appeals to the brain. This is because the human brain is accustomed to the daily routine and remembers the way in which it will be used every day. Now an unordinary act would bother the brain and make it realize that it can be used for the other stuff as well. These are the routines to which the brain is not habitual. The brain keeps on holding the things that are normal and never let the other things to enter. The unconventional act like watching a movie of different taste, and traveling a different place contribute to the memory improvement.

Brain Exercises:

Memory Improvement Brain

Don’t worry, you are not going to sweat. The internet is full many brain exercises that could help augmenting one’s sagacity. The logical problems are often solved through unconventional approaches. Even reading this article is a brain exercise. Don’t let the boring routines take your mind to the ragman’s shop. Grab a newspaper and solve the crossword puzzles and play the cards. Take an easy book that appeals to your meticulous nature and avoid the chances of dementia. If you don’t find any of these, minimize the window, click on the start menu, go to accessories and play the Solitaire or Minesweeper.

Never ever Skip the physical Exercise:

Memory Improvement Exercise


Unfortunately, it is scientifically proved that physical exercise contributes to the memory improvement. So, one have to break the sweat if a person really needs to provide some oxygen to the brain. It not only suppresses the chances of disorder but also enhances the chemicals of the brand and reduces the number of stress hormones. Certainly, the exercise plays a substantial role in the neuroplasticity through enhancing the growth factor and developing a new neuronal connection. The best practice is to adopt the aerobic exercises as they help in the pumping of the blood. Also, the activities demanding the hand-eye coordination are effective for the brain building and memory improvement.

Stop Multitasking:

Memory Improvement Multi tasking

It surely makes sense that if a person keeps on watching the movie while reading a book would miss many important things from both of them. The cons of multitasking are a wonder list. The fact is that the human brain is not designed to do that. In fact, a person doing the multitasking is actually not doing it. It’s just that we keep on switching our attention rapidly from one task to the other. It slows down the speed of work and the efficiency of the brain as it struggles to concentrate on the preferred job. The chances of mistakes are increased which also have a bad impact on one’s confidence. Moreover, an increased stress level keeps brain to grow.

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