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Explore Yourself: 4 Effective Steps to Get Motivated

Get busy living or get busy dying. That’s goddamn right” utters Morgan Freeman, shaking the sleeping hope within in the audience that obviously never dies. So, whenever a person asks me the question ‘How to get motivated’, I say feed your hope. Never let it be fragile and vulnerable to the external interventions of gloom, pessimism, and hate.

Depression and despair are the functions of self-criticism which is an easy way to get you screwed. Laziness is the companion of idleness. lethargy and boredom are best buds. Feeling like the crap will leave you paralyzed. Most of the time, we know what is gonna motivate us but we don’t have much energy to do so. Well, I know how it feels. Certainly, the most lethargic person on the planet was the one who invested the “snooze button”. We let all the things happen around us as we really don’t care. It is not the intrinsic motivation that we are lagging at the moment. The lazy and the tired state of mind is the real foe.

All that we need in such situation is to take a deep breath and try some or all of these to recharge your emotions.

Get a Goal to Get Motivated:

Get Motivated

Aimless is lifeless and it is the not the thing that can be found through Google search. It is a thing that lies within. Whenever you feel yourselves stuck in the swamp of work and there are a lot of things going around in life, there is substantial need to revise the priorities. A human mind is not crafted to work for multiple purposes. Rather spending and dividing all of your energy to multiple goals, one must multiply it for a single one. A person can never maintain the pace or get motivated with bearing that much burden on one’s mind. It is certainly the most common mistake made by many people. They are mostly unaware of the innate passion and the burning desire that could help them being rehabilitated. So just take a paper and a pen and list down all the essential targets that you aspire to achieve. Cut the unnecessary one, and work out the one that appeals you the most. This goal will be the one liked by your ‘king talent’, a talent that dominates all of your expertise.

Flare the Emotions:

Emotions Get Motivated

Identifying one’s passion is not enough. An identified talent will be ample to make you satisfied but not motivated. If you are not excited with that, it’s never going to put an impact on your actions. So one may ask, what is the way to make myself excited about my goal? The answer is quite simple. Just concentrate on the possible consequences or what you may call the success. Find out the most successful people on the planet of your field with the same intention that you have. Have a look on their lives. The hardships that they faced and the targets they eventually achieved. Visualizing and imagining the sense and the feeling of being successful can make you excited. In other words, you need to find an inspiration. This is inspiration can be a person, or a success story in the form of a book, song, motion picture or a set of quotations. A goal without inspiration is a goal wasted.

Public and Self-Commitment:

Emotions Get Motivated

Most of the times, people are scared of sharing their inner feeling and the innate interests to keep others making fun of them. But, the biggest peril existing in the subconscious of the people is the fear of being failed. You may be scared of answering the people if failed. A public commitment helps to get motivated as it is imperative sustaining the goals. An officially announced goal increases the expectations. These expectations contribute providing a push. Moreover, it is better to put your goal is words and keep on uttering this magical line every day. There has to be a picture of goals in your mind. This hypothetical image and the magical mantra will serve as the reminder. As long as you don’t give up, the motivation will keep on coming back to you and make you feel concerned about ambitions.

Get Your First Success:

Emotions Get Motivated

You may have a big goal. It can be like passing a desert for a tortoise. It doesn’t matter if you are a time turtle. This may take years to attain the big target. The solution is to take a knife of thoughts and cut down the goal into small aims. Let the first chunk of the target be the easiest one. Attaining the first target will boost up your confidence and help you get motivated in a short time. I bet you can’t get a fail if you keep the small targets dramatically tiny and ridiculously easy. I mean, literally, who can’t go for a meditation of two minutes daily? Is it difficult to get enrolled in a dancing class? It is never laborious to read one page a day to complete the entire Bible. Even a slow pace can provide a good feed for the hope that helps you get busy living.

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