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Disadvantages of e-Learning and e-Reading – 8 Convincing Cons of Screen Culture

The advantages and the disadvantages of e-Learning and e-Reading certainly is a never ending discussion. But, an unbiased review bounds us to state that eBooks have bundles of advantages over paper books and the paper books also come with several shortcomings and setbacks that don’t allow them to meet the modern needs. Also, the advantages of paper books cannot be left unnoticed.

Disadvantages of e-Learning and e-Reading

Disadvantages of e-Learning and e-Reading:

A person may use whatever medium of study that suits him. There are countless benefits of reading books. Thus, there is nothing wrong while you are committed to the purpose and reading regardless of the medium. The point that I intend to argue here is that paper books are easier ways of studying and research than eBooks and screen culture doesn’t provide that catalytic approach to learning and mastering the skills.

1. Constrained Time of Reading:

One of the major disadvantages of e-learning and eBooks is that it constrains the reader from reading enough. Unlike paper books the eLearning is dependent upon the battery of the e-reader or the tablet. One has to charge the battery every day. Thus usage of eBooks in longer journeys is not a good idea. Also in the places with limited resources, like lack of electricity, the eBooks will not be a reliable resource of knowledge.

2. Struggle Consulting Multiple Resources:

EBooks doesn’t allow the reader the easy reading and comparison of multiple resources at a time. One always has to scroll and change the screen and move to the other book and then move back to the previous one. The practice is quite annoying sometimes. Thus research work while using eBooks is not much easier in this way.

3. Vulnerable to Viruses:

One of the major disadvantages of e-learning and e-reading is that it can be affected by malicious viruses, vanishing tons of important data. In this way, digital reading is badly dependent upon the anti-virus and anti-malware along with the reading software. The price of the software also makes the digital reading more inaccessible. The reading software like acrobat reader or palm reader often connects to the internet and provides an unwanted vulnerability to the system. An eBook does not have a defined life. The reading software and the eBooks itself are hacked many times by hackers.

4. An Uneconomical Option:

It is claimed that eBooks can be found free of cost and can be downloaded easily, elaborating that digital reading is economical. But unfortunately, this is half of the truth. This calculation doesn’t include the price of the tablet, laptop or the e-Reader. A majority of the people cannot afford such luxury. The capital cost to get into the digital reading is one of the major shortcomings of the screen culture. Thus we cannot term this medium as an economical one.

5. More Chances of Distraction:

The medium like tablets doesn’t only include software for reading the books. It may also include several video games and different interesting applications. The internet surfing including usage of YouTube is also there. We intend to argue that these other applications are the sources of distraction. They work as a catalyst for detracting the reader from the main goal. Multi-tasking is not the quality that can be found or inured in everyone. Only the person who is extremely focused and goal oriented can find these resources beneficial. While reading a paper book, one only intends to read the book. There are no sources of distraction in that medium. Thus paper books are much better in this context.

6. Compatibility Issues:

The variance and mismatching of the formats of the eBooks files is a setback. For example the files with an extension of .EXE would not open in the MAC and the files with some special extensions of the e-Reader may not open in the windows or android.

7. Printing Cost:

Printing an eBook requires a big cost of printer and paper. The backlight of the tablets and the glare that the screen produces causes an eye strain. This setback leads to the lack of focus. One cannot tell at a glance that where you are in the book, depending on the style of eBook reader.

8. No Easy Sharing:

Another con of e-reading is that eBook cannot be loaned to anyone. The eBooks that one has bought are may be associated with the Amazon or eBay account. The maximum what one can do is to lend the reading device or account to the other person which means providing them an access to all the books and notes in there.

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