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9 Causes of Hair Loss Your Doctor Won’t Tell You

There is no doubt about the fact that men are more likely to lose their hair as compared to the women. Some obvious causes of hair loss that our elders, siblings, and friends might be telling may include the inheritance, aging and physical stress. Certainly, women are more concerned about their hair rather than men. Nevertheless, there are some strange yet convincing reasons that might cause hair fall in both the sexes. Here are those not-so-common reasons kept from you.

1. Pregnancy, One of the Obscure Causes of Hair Loss:

Causes of Hair Loss

Dear Men! Unless you are not the research scientist like Arnold Schwarzenegger from Junior (1994), you are free from this struggle. Actually, pregnancy can be understood as the type of physical stress. Hair loss is normally seen in the women after the delivery which a quite traumatic experience for mothers. This occurs because of a dramatic change in the hormone level of women. But, good news is that the hairs automatically start growing after a few months of recovery.

2. The use of Blood Thinners and Antidepressants:

woman-1006100_960_720 Causes of Hair Loss

Some classes of medication are major causes of hair loss. The most common drugs are certain blood thinners that are used by those facing issues of blood pressure. These are known as beta-blockers. Some eminent medicines serving to cause hair loss include lithium, methotrexate, ibuprofen etc. Rather using the antidepressants we recommend finding some natural ways to deal with depression and anxiety.

3. Excess of Vitamin-A:

Causes of Hair Loss

Although, vitamin-A comes up with a number of advantage but the excess of this vitamin may trigger the baldness. Some legitimate ways to intake the Vitamin-A include Iceberg Lettuce, Cod Liver Oil, Red Pepper, Paprika and leafy greens. Some people take it as the medication in the form of supplements. The 5000 International Units (IU) of Vitamin-A are enough for a day. The supplements may contain 5 to 20 times more amount of Vitamin-A.

4. Deficiency of Vitamin-B12:

Causes of Hair Loss

The deficiency of Vitamin-B12 is argued to be one of the convincing causes of hair loss. A simple way to deal with this problem is to go for some dietary changes. Good eating habits may suppress the average number of hair falling every day. Vitamin-B12 can be found in the items like meat, fish, eggs and dairy items. Non-citrus fruits and starchy vegetables are often handy in this context.

5. Protein Deficiency:

Causes of Hair Loss

Human hair is rich in proteins which are an essential need of the human body. The Dietary Reference Intake (DRI) of protein is 0.36 grams per pound of 0.8 grams per kilogram of the human body. Now when the requirement of protein is not fulfilled through a balanced diet, the human body overcomes this deficiency by halting the growth of hair. Therefore, there is a substantial need to include the items in your diet that are rich in protein like meat, fish, and egg.

6. Anemia:

Anemia Causes of Hair Loss

Anemia is the condition when a deficiency of red blood cells is seen, also termed as hemoglobin. A symptom of this condition is the pale skin, dizziness, fatigue, headache, cold hands, and feet. Here the body goes into the survival mode hair fall is extensively seen. Almost 10% of the women less than 50 years of age diagnosed with this abnormality. A blood test is recommended for the confirmation. A simple remedy to this problem is to take the iron supplements.

7. Hypothyroidism:

Hypothyroidism Causes of Hair Loss

Hypothyroidism is a technical term that refers to an under-active thyroid gland. This small gland plays a substantial role in the metabolism by producing the hormones that are helpful in the development and growth. Whenever, this gland stops functioning properly, a hair loss is observed in men and women. This condition can occur because of several reasons which may include thyroid surgery, radiation therapy, treatment of hyperthyroidism etc. A daily intake of medications like Synthroid and Levothroid can help turning this gland back to the normal working.

8. Sudden Weight Loss:

causes of hair loss

Obviously, we are not talking about losing the belly fats through natural foods or the gym. An unfortunate physical trauma, stress on the body, and bad eating habits result in the deficiency of mineral and hence weight. These eating disorders can be bulimia or anorexia. This can result in thinning of hair and baldness. A shock bore by the system makes it fragile and after a specific period of time, the body and mind start getting normal.

9. Trichotillomania:

causes of hair loss

Don’t worry if you are struggling to pronounce this word. It can be simply understood as the ‘impulse control disorder’ and is one of the interesting causes of hair loss. It is the bad habit of continuously pulling and playing with the hair. This act gradually makes the roots of the hair weak resulting in the hair loss. This habit starts before the age of seventeen and is comparatively more in women. It is not good to take antidepressant here but a behavioral modification therapy can be used.

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