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Beating Depression through 6 Natural Ways

After meeting hundreds of depressed people, I can honestly say that depression is a contagious disease. One can’t help being affected by this unpromising condition that often occurs in the people around us. Beating Depression is imperative as it has the social, physical, mental, and emotional demerits.Following are some of the tried and effective remedies that could help a person suppressing such feelings.

1. Laughter:

laughter Beating Depression

Robert Frost once said that “If we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane”. It is the medication that cures a multitude of ills. Many notable funny people of the planet suffer through the times of torment. Many mental therapies now involve humor to control the patients. The sick people are consoled by the laughter that is an act without which a day is wasted. Many researchers like Lee Berk and Stanley have proved laughter triggers the chemicals and hormones that serve to protect the health. Benefits of laughter are undoubtedly a wonder list. It boosts the immune system, relieves the pain, increased internal workout, strengthens the relations, helps to lose the weight, protects from stroke and eventually reduces the depression.

2. Meditation:

Meditation Beating Depression

A regular practice of meditation suppresses the risk associated with the clinical depression. The chances are reduced up to a considerable percentage when the adopted practice is formal. Beating depression through meditation is a natural technique as it never involves any type of medication but their results are equally promising. I recommend every depressed person to go for at least 20 minutes of meditation every day. The forms of meditation can be different for different people that may depend on upon their respective set of religious beliefs including but not limited to the Buddhist meditation, Christian meditation, Hindu meditation, and Chinese meditation. The people, who don’t feel themselves compatible with any of these, can try guided meditation.

3. Eat Good:

Beating Depression

Have you ever felt excited on listening to your mom or wife cooking your favorite food? Certainly, there are some ON and OFF button of moods for every person. A person must know the specific dish that triggers the happy mode one’s mind. The first prescription in this context is to never skip the meal. Developing a long period of time between the meals may cause you the irritation. The aim of eating the favorite food at the time of extreme depression is to make the person free from rest of the disturbing feelings of the world. Also, in order to elevate one’s threshold of being depressed, it is significant to lessen the percentage of refined carbs and sugar in the food. This might make one sad but all of these ‘feel good’ dishes make the people vulnerable to attacks of depression.

4. Visualization of a Happy Place:

Beating Depression Visualise

The visualization of the happy place might feel a strange remedy for beating depression but one must take a try before neglecting this option. Take a moment full of a deep breath, close your eyes and think of a place with calm and safety. It can be a picture of you walking on the beach with a beautiful partner while singing the most melodious song in the native language. One can also recall some sweet memory from the childhood that often makes a person laugh and relaxed. Let the positive emotions serene your mind and soothe until you feel calm and relaxed.

5. Talk about it:

Beating Depression Talk

Many times, all that we need is a companion who can accept us in our weirdness. A good friend is a most suitable container to through one’s fears and scares. This practice doesn’t only make the other person credible but also helps us being relieved of the burdens. The best person can be the friend, partner or the family member on whom you trust the most. Many psychotherapists and psychiatrists often heal the emotions through this easiest medium of discussion. Nowadays, there are several online fear-fighting services serving to suppress one's depression through discussion. In case, a person does not find someone to talk with, the last but good option for beating depression is to hire an online freelance speaker who could talk and listen for specified number of hours.

6. Get Enough Sleep:

Sleep Beating Depression

All the human beings are so good at sleeping that they can do it with their eyes closed. Many times, lack of sleep is the sole reason for depression. At least, six hours of sound sleep is the basic need of the human body. The sleeping cycle has to be adjusted by making minor changes in the routine. It is good to avoid all the distractions like electronic gadgets, mobile phones, television or any other thing that can lead to the disturbance. Besides beating depression, there are a number of surprising benefits of enough sleep including improved memory, long life, sharpening of attention, lower weight, and emotional stability.

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