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8 Effective Arts of Interaction – Connecting People through Effective Communication Skills

There is no hard and fast rule for connecting people with you. But, some effective communication skills seasoned over the time can be quite handy for winning people in the first few interactions. In order to win a person, one really needs to express the genuine interest in the stories, hobbies and the background of the other person.

connecting people through effective communication skills

Effective Communications Skills, a Tool for Connecting People:

The famous law of attraction presented in The Secret is applicable here. This helps to generate an attractive magnetic field around you. These arts of interaction are the subsets of essential interpersonal skills. Let us analyze these simple actions and tips of verbal and non-verbal communication.

1. Make it Exclusive:

Even if you are meeting a person the 20th time, try making it special. This can be done through several ways like taking a small a gift, watching in the eyes for 5 to 10 seconds, and holding the hand tightly while shaking it. This action should be your identity and must come in one’s mind while thinking of you.

2. Calling with the Actual Name:

No matter if the entire office calls the targeted person with an alias name. You must call the person with the complete name and the great respect. Forgetting the name of a person will score you a negative mark. This would leave an impression of trust and likeness.

3. Frequent Questioning:

Questioning is no less than an art among effective communication skills. A person will attract if you ask a question appealing his nature. Try making them pleased to answer you. Always try to be specific, concise and simple in this matter else it’s going to create a great problem.

4. Be Attentive:

A speaker is always attracted to the listener with a great concentration. Be polite on conflicts of interests. Appreciate their concerns. Avoid interrupting the conversation. Keep on nodding in positive with a consistent eye contact. One must focus on finding the elements contributing to one’s lack of concentration.

5. Show Some Respect:

Think the way you expect from people to interact and show respect to you. The most effective way of connecting people with you is to call them with great names and respect. This can be done through gestures like standing up on their entrance, giving way, and frequent greeting with a smile.

6. Acknowledging Existence:

Acknowledging one’s existence matters a lot. If a subordinate in your teams feels detached, you might not be acknowledging his existence and appreciating his role. It also means to incorporate their opinion and entertain their concerns.

7. Genuine Compliment:

The proactive leaders never take the credit of success but encourage the other for their part. Nothing is more encouraging than a pat on the back of your son by you. The words of appreciation often have a magical effect for connecting people.

8. Noticing Special Events in One’s Life:

The people standing by in weal and woe are the most important ones. The effective communication skills of a person are tested while expressing joy on one’s birthday. Also, the profoundness and genuineness of your emotions are gauged at one’s loss. These events are most imperative for connecting people in your circle of influence.

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