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6 Super-Effective Hacks to Suppress Negative Thoughts

There is always a positive side of the picture but, our vulnerability allows negative thoughts keep on pulling us towards the destruction of  the mind. One of the real keys to happiness is either a really bad memory or the positive mental attitude. Negative thoughts serve to drain our energy at a faster pace. The more we provide room to the negative through, the more we become prone towards temperamental outburst. Here are some of the effective tips to suppress such feelings.

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1. Smile on Negative Thought:

This may sound strange but, like thoughts change our actions, the actions can also counter-act to change our mood. Give it a try as it only takes are fewer muscles to smile that to glare.

2. Phone a Friend:

A friend is the one who keeps on sitting beside you silently but, you are happy that he is there. Surrounding yourself among friends in the worst of conditions is a robust strategy to bring you back.

3. Change the Tone of Negative Thoughts:

Even a negative sentence can be expressed in a positive way. Rather than thinking that you are about to get stuck in loads of work leaving you exhausted, think as if you are going to confront a challenge that will be dealt with an appropriate strategy.

4. Meditate:

This may sound boring at first, but focusing on one’s breath rather thought would sublimate away the negative thoughts from the mind. It’s all about living the passing moments and forgetting about the future or past for a while.

5. Take the Focus Away:

The best way to take the focus away from our self is to help other. We have the choice to make the change occur. It belittles our grief and helps forgetting the place we were stuck.

6. Sing Your Sorrow:

Yes!! You heard that. We suggest you to sing. It doesn’t matter if you forget the lyrics and lose the tone. Remember that it’s all about you and your happiness. Thus, don’t bother if you sound like a crow, the amazing stress relief is worth more than anything.

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