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6 Disturbing Cyber Bullying Stories Parents Must Read

One of the major causes of bullying is the influence of culture. The racism, religion, and culture are important aspects in this context. The cultures where domination, winning, power and violence are fascinated and glorified are more likely to have cyber bullying stories. The media also plays a vital role in that. Negative behaviors always get more social recognition than positive in our culture and society. Children find it more fascinating rather than acting civilly and courteously. The inappropriate behaviors of families with children also augment the probability of bullying. All these cases are worth to be read by the parents to understand the cons and the dark side of social media.

1. Amanda Todd (2012):

Cyber Bullying Stories

This is the most famous cyber bullying stories of Canada. Amanda was an emotionally detached girl suffered the post-traumatic disorder. Amanda started video chatting when she was in seventh grade. A stranger convinced him to show her breast to him and Amanda did so. Later on her picture of showing the breasts used as a profile picture by someone on the Facebook. The page was created in which her pictures were posted. Amanda committed suicide by hanging herself.

2. Megan Meier (2007):

Cyber Bullying Stories

Sixteen years old Megan suffered the attention deficit disorder. She was suffering from issues of obesity. She started using MySpace and a number of people posted hating comments against her for her obesity. A boy names Josh Evan use to communicate with her online. Somewhere in the mid of October, the boy started sending the cruel messages with an intention to break the friendship. More kerosene was added to the fire by her classmates. Megan hanged herself in the bedroom exactly three weeks before her fourteenth birthday.

3. Ryan Halligan (2003):

Cyber Bullying Stories

Ryan Halligan got into a friendship with a girl over the internet through AOL Instant Messenger. The girl was actually one of those bullies who made Ryan believe that she really wants him. As a result, Ryan shared some personal embracing stuff with her. All that stuff was later on publically posted by the girl and the bullies. On October 7th, 2003, Ryan hung himself in the family bathroom.

4. Jessica Logan (2008):

Cyber Bullying Stories

Jessica Logan was an eighteen-year-old student at Sycamore High School. The girl sent her naked photograph to her boyfriend. Later on Cincinnati Enquirer, a daily morning newspaper reported that the photo was actually sent to hundreds of young teenagers. The act of cyber bullying was continued on several social networking websites and text messages. In July 2008, Jessica Logan committed suicide by hanging herself.

5. Hope Sitwell (2009):

Cyber Bullying Stories

Hope Sitwell was a thirteen-year-old girl. The girl was certainly the youngest victim among all the cyber bullying stories. Sitwell started sexting with her boyfriend and sent him a picture of her naked breast. The offender forwarded the picture to his friends in six different schools in different areas of Ruskin, Florida. The pictures were further uploaded to the MySpace. The “Hope Hater Page” provided a platform for the learned crooks. Hope Sitwell hanged herself after the disturbing chain of events.

6. Tyler Clementi (2010):

Cyber Bullying Stories

Tyler Clementi was an eighteen-year-old handsome boy. In the summer after high school graduation Clementi started sharing with his friend that he was a homosexual. Dharun Ravi, the roommate of Clementi taped him while kissing another boy. Very soon Tyler Clementi came to know that his sexual orientation had become a subject of great concern for the other boys in the cyber social climate. There were masses and masses of tweets that were intended to disturb the poor guy. Later on, on September 22nd, 2010, Clementi jumped from George Washington Bridge and committed suicide.

A Final Thought:

According to the A post by The Guardian published on November 17th, 2008 entitled Children bullied because of faith, “cyber-bullying was experienced in 6% of cases [in America] and 9% have been bullied because of the religious symbols they wear or present”. The evidence of the demise of Amada Todd, Megan Meir, Ryan Halligan and Jessica Logan are the actual incidents to gauge the extent to which technology and social networking have made the students vulnerable. It is the misusage of social networking sites that reveals several loopholes left in the system. Parents must take a heed of what their children are actually doing on the computer.

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