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5 Fascinating and Most Inspirational Movies to Get You Motivated

The most inspirational movies of our time we selected are not the one which did a great business at the box office. But, the events, plots, dialogues and the quotations used in their scripts which make them quite influential for a depressed and lethargic person. Movies are one of the most effective mediums that shape one’s mind and alter the way one think. These are not the hardships but the reaction and decision of the protagonist which take him to the success.

Most Inspirational Movies of All Time:

    Here is the list of movies we prescribe watching at least once before you die.

5. Saving Private Ryan:

Most Inspirational Movies

    This masterpiece of Steven Spielberg is about the sacrifice and love. The movie starts with an old man standing by a grave and recalls the past. Right after the invasion of Normandy Landings in WWII, a group of American soldiers led by Captain Miller (Tom Hanks) moves beyond the enemy line to recover Private Ryan (Matt Damon), a paratrooper whose three siblings were already killed in the war. The most inspiring fact about the movie is the way John Miller leaves Private Ryan indebted who owed him a life. The movie returns to the present day where it is revealed that the veteran was actually Private Ryan who delivers a salute to the Miller’s grave and the other sleeping martyrs.

4. Schindler’s List:

Most Inspirational Movies

    The movie presents some horrific realities of the holocaust. This classic masterpiece starring Liam Neeson as Oscar Schindler is filmed in the black and white format as a protest against Nazis and respect for the Jews in the German-occupied Poland. Oscar Schindler after witnessing the persecution of Germans hires Jewish workforce in his factory. These hired Germans were the only families survived. The reason we put this in the most inspirational movies is the conclusive scene where Schindler feels regret as he could have saved some more Jews. The movie leaves the audience in tears and one feels more connected and concerned towards the vulnerable groups and communities of the society.

3. 12 Angry Men:

Most Inspirational Movies

    12 Angry Men is not only worth to be considered in the most inspirational movies but is also a benchmark and a reference story for those in the field of human resource management. A straight open and shut case of a teenage boy killing his father is presented before a jury of 12 men to come back with a unanimous decision. There is only one man standing in the way of 11 other men intended to prove the boy to be guilty. A continues convincing conversation of arguments and proofs gradually convinces all the other 11 men to hold the boy not guilty. This classic masterpiece is a great tool for understanding the techniques of collaboration and haggling.

2. Forrest Gump:

Most Inspirational Movies

    “Run!! Forrest Run!!” is the line that always comes to my mind thinking of this one of the most inspirational movies starring Tom Hanks as Forest Gump. An apparently mentally retarded protagonist is actually a very intelligent person who is very sweet and noble at heart. While sitting on a bench, Forrest tells the experiences of his life. Despite his strange look and unusual body language, he is not afraid, to be honest, love, care, express his intentions. He never bothered what people think of his looks saying “stupid is as stupid does”. The story comes back to the present day and reveals Forest to be a millionaire running a big company. The movie comes up with several junctures that would force you to laugh and cry.

1. The Shawshank Redemption:

Most Inspirational Movies

    “Get busy livin’ or get busy dyin'” is the only rule live on this planet. Andy Dufresne (Tim Robins), a convicted murderer killing his wife meets Red (Morgan Freeman), a man who can get things in the Shawshank prison. Andy, a hopeful person keeps on convincing quite fearing and pessimistic Red until he flees by making a tunnel through the wall through a small rock hammer in less than twenty years. Red after the continuous rejection of payroll for forty years finally manages to convince the committee that he was a changed man and is set free. Following the clues left by Andy, Red meets his friend at the Pacific Ocean, a place which has no memory. The happy ending of hope subjugating the fear leaves the viewers motivated and energetic to their maximum level.

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