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5 Fast Learning Strategies and Exercises – Augment Your Competence

The fast learning strategies are not necessarily easy. Now if you intend to develop a muscular body, the gym will be needed. The gym is obviously fast but not an easy way to build the muscles. It has a lot to do with improving your concentration level. In other words, there is no short cut for success but with some well-researched smart approaches can reduce your effort.

The fast learning strategies

Fast Learning Strategies to Train Your Brain:

1. Remembering the Forgotten:

Have you ever tried remembering what you ate yesterday? And a day before yesterday? Obviously, it is not an easy job to remember. We suggest working your memory through such small brain exercises. Twyla Tharp presented the same strategy in her book entitled The Creative Habit. Try remembering what you did today with a sequence of events. Also, try remembering what you saw at some particular place.

2. Learning Something New:

This is certainly the most effective of all the fast learning strategies. Work out your interest and find what appeals to your meticulous nature. Learn some new skills like playing the mouthpiece, or learning a new language. It would not be bad if you try learning singing and dancing as well.

3. Doing Something Repeatedly:

Try remembering the day when you help the pencil for the first time. Obviously, the first time you would have created a mess on the drawing notebook. But, it was the time and the recurring of the practice that made you perfect in this matter.

4. Try Brain Apps:

The internet is full of many brains training program incorporating a number of fast learning strategies. Some examples include Brain Beat, Fit Brains, Brain HQ, Atentiv, and Brain Train. These sources are quite handy for augmenting one’s competence.

5. Use Dark Chocolates:

The advantages of dark chocolates are a wonder list. It contains antioxidants which not only help to burn the belly fats but also help to improve the functioning of the brain. Besides the dark chocolates, a healthy meal including fruits, fish and vegetables improve the grasping intensity of your brain.

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