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4 Treatable Types and Causes of Headache

Before understanding the causes of headache, it would be better if we do not consider headache as some form of illness, disease or ailment. It is an effect for which we always have some justifiable cause. Many times, it is a symptom of some other diseases. Thus, rather finding a cure to this state of suffering, one must identify the causes that contribute in this matter. The severity of the matter can be gauged from the fact that in the UK alone, 10 million cases of headaches are daily observed on average. These headaches last for half an hour to several days.

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Some General Types/Causes of Headache:

The causes of secondary headaches are surprisingly countless. Here we are mostly concerned with the primary headaches. The primary headaches are often not serious and can be treated through medication and some effective exercises.

1. Tension-Type Headache (TTH):

This is the most common form of “everyday headache”. One feels a constant ache on every side of the head. Their severity hardly keeps a normal person from doing the routine work. As the name implies, tension headaches are caused by mental strain and depression. But, these causes are not medically proved so far. Some other events that are also considered to be causing the tension headache include dehydration, and poor posture while working or sleeping. Most importantly, skipping the meal may cause you a tension headache. Some simple remedies are painkillers like ibuprofen and paracetamol. A regular routine with healthy food, breaking bad habits, and sound sleep can help avoiding tension headaches.

2. Migraines:

This is a severe and sore pain at any specific side of the head. Migraines are comparatively less common but more severe than tension headaches. Some people often feel vomiting and nausea in migraine. Also, the sensitivity towards bright things is increased. This normally lasts for some hours and may keep a person to continue to work. A bed rest for a day is often recommended in such scenario. This is often treated with apple cider vinegar as one of the home remedies for migraine but an appropriate prescription is required for the proper medication.

3. Cluster Headaches:

This type of headache is quite rare. It occurs in clusters of the month. It is seasonal and frequent every year. A cluster headache causes severe pain around one eye. Some other symptoms are running nose and reddened eyes. We never prescribe doing self-medication. There is no hard and fast rule to deal with such condition. Thus, the patients are prescribed to consult a doctor. Unfortunately, in this case of cluster headaches, the causes of headache are unknown.

4. Hormone Headaches:

Hormone headaches are particularly associated with women. These headaches are caused by hormones as many women claim it to have a link with their periods. Pregnancy and menopause often come with several complications as some causes of headache. Here one need to avoid the things causes mental stress. The sleeping cycle in pregnancy must be regular. We recommend not missing your meal in such condition.

Other causes of headache:

As we said earlier, the causes of headache are countless but these few are worth to be known.

  • Headache can occur as a side effect of some medication. One must know the drugs to which one is allergic.
  • Flu with excessive sneezing.
  • Cough causing pressure on the head.
  • Excessive chewing of stuff like chewing gum.
  • Head injury.
  • Sinustis which is the irritation of the lining of sinuses.
  • Sleep apnoea, a state when the walls of one’s throat become narrow and relax during sleep.
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Excessive sleeping like we do on weekends can also cause a headache.
  • Too much intake of ice cream can also cause a stabbing pain in the head.

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