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Success Formula: 4 Essential Character Traits

Certainly, the very first person to conduct a research on the character trait and success theory was the Andrew Carnegie, a Scottish Industrialist. Also, Dale Carnegie did a great work in the same field in the 20th century. And, who can forget the great Stephen Covey who presented the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People? After reading all of these eminent scholars of our times and meeting hundreds of successful people, I came to know that the success can be summarized into a very simple formula. The Success Formula is something we always longed to know. I call it a 4S-Formula. This formula is comprised of four simple character traits that can be developed within a man with a little effort. All that we need is to polish them.


maternal Character Trait

Honesty with the purpose is first and the most significant trait. A person who can’t be honest with himself can never be honest to the others. It helps to build the credibility. The people who are perceived to be sincere in the words and the manners don’t have to struggle to make others believe in him. This character trait never requires any planning but an intention. This is particularly significant for the people like law enforcement officials, business owner and the political leaders. It is the sincerity and the credibility that contributes providing a push to the voters. Keeping promises augments the support. The customer service equation always demands the clarity in the dealing and the sincerity in the work. The world works on the trust and truncating the chunk of sincerity from the set of traits would result in the demise of emotions and destruction of the professional climate.


Wisdom Character Trait

According to Stephen Covey, losing is not an option for the effective and sagacious people. They always think to win. The effective people are always visionary. They plan their success. The common mistake that we often make while adopting this character trait is adopting a faster pace. The visionary people not only the aspired target but also develop a plan for its achievement. It is a silly thing that one keeps on standing on the ground while aspiring to reach the summit of the Mount Everest. A journey of a thousand miles starts with a small step. The vision never means to become over-ambitious. The aspired target of the effective people must be practical. One has to be either capable enough to achieve or must be passionate to make himself worthy of it. The vision can be the blueprint for the success. Let us start with the very small targets and let the first target be ridiculously easy. This will boost the confidence and suppress the negative vibes of being unsuccessful.


ironman-runner-training Character Trait

Certainly, this is what the man is created for. The best struggle that a man can do is against him. Compelling our self to do an unattractive but useful job is the toughest assignment on the planet. A person’s praying might vanish the sins and exercise might perish the fats but, how many of us can compel ourselves to do so. Literally, not much! The first step is the toughest. A courage and motive are required to take one. Stephen Covey calls overcoming this problem as a personal victory. The truth is the only weapon we possess in the struggle. This truth is the self-confidence or the belief of trusting on our own capabilities. Somewhere in the subconscious of us is a peril that keeps us reluctant to take this first step. So let’s fight us to develop this character trait. Make a victory and fight the rest to make a history.


Character Trait consistency

The initiative is never enough. I have always seen many people who think about quitting smoking and they do it just for a few days. We often go to the gym for a week and regularly attend the online classes for a few days. This is nothing but a lack of consistency. One can have this personal victory by building the momentum. In other words, one must take one step at a time. It’s never easy to replace the old habits with the new ones. According to my personal experience, a consistent routine of at least 21 to 40 days leads to the permanency of routines. This character trait is quite tricky but very effective. Always keep in mind the disruptive interrupts that can force you to stop. It is always better to craft a plan-B. These alternative ways is actually a way to keep you connected to the goals. This plan-B can a change in the pace, a slight variation in the routine, addition of a lovable action, or discarding of disturbing part of the plan. Remember! If you are persistent you can attain it but if you are consistent you will keep it forever.


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